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Environment & Safety Policy

We take our responsibility to protect environment in which we work and live, and conduct our business in accordance with all legal requirements and social responsibilities, using sound environmental management practices.

We are cautious about environmental issues throughout our business systems, including our selection of materials, processes and products. We utilize appropriate monitoring techniques to ensure adherence to accepted standards. All raw material and allied products used in manufacturing and processing of paper and plastic products are recycled in conformity with the environment protection policies of the government.

The disposal of paper waste is ensured through a systematic consumption of such waste by the recycling industry on a daily basis. However, the plastic waste is recycled within the factory through recycling unit.

We are committed to providing safe and healthy working condition for our human resource. The company enforces rigorous safety and injury prevention precautions at every step of operations.

The safety of employees is of the greatest interest to all levels of management and supervision in relation to production, quality, costs and service. The responsibility for safety beings and ends with the heads of the department and shared throughout the organization.

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