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Quality Policy

What cannot be measure, can never be controlled

In conjunction with the hierarchy of authority we are committed to maintaining high quality and service to satisfy our customer with utmost reliability, timely delivery and continuous improvement as measured by key metrics.

NS Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. provides the roadmap to establish the standard to ensure these objectives.

  • Exceed our customer’s need of performance
  • Continue technological innovation for providing quality
  • Excel in providing quality service

Central to fostering the culture of continuous improvement, key performance metrics are measured and results reviewed so that proactive action are taken to improve upon our technology, our products, our processes and our service to customers.

To achieve excellence in quality a fully equipped and independentTotal Quality Control Management (TQCM) department is established to accomplish following.

  • Establish standards of performance
  • Measure observed performance against predetermined standards
  • Implement strict corrective measures

To further ensure continuous improvement and increase customer satisfaction a Quality Control Department is assigned the task to actively monitor the quality – round the clock. The above steps eventually to the acquisition of ISO: 9001:2000 Certifications for quality standards.

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